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Goodbye Betty


Last Saturday, we said goodbye to Betty.

Gary and Betty

She had had a great life here, filled with green fields and plenty of back scritches. How she loved getting her back scratched!


Goodbye Betty boop. We’ll miss you.

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Container Gardening

Pictures of the garden will be posted soon. As soon as it stops raining! I don’t think it ever will.
Meanwhile I have some containers on the deck going.

Herbs on the deck

Most of them are herbs: 3 kinds of basil, 3 kinds of sage, parsley, tarragon, rosemary, lavender, thyme. Plus some cherry tomatoes, and some flowers, ornamental and edible (nasturtiums). I also set aside some containers for lettuce and mesclun.

Gardening squirrels

Here is a container for lettuce. But some of these seedlings are not like the others. Can you spot them?

Stash of seeds

Here’s another sample, maybe they are more obvious mixed in with the larger lettuces. See them? Those are sunflower seedlings, no doubt planted via the black oil sunflower seeds that fill my birdfeeders (and Murphy’s favorite treat).

How do you think they got there?

Squirrel the farmer

Apparently I have a gardening squirrel.


Murphy is not amused.

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The chickens are laying! The chickens are laying!


I am collecting several eggs a day! It’s a sure sign of spring.


Some girls have to work a little harder though. Look at that egg on the right!

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