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Of goats, socks, soap and spring

Was I ever wrong about Nala! She is still in the barn and looking ready to explode. She is so big. Cappy and Annie are still in the pasture, not looking too ready yet.

We have some bitter cold weather and lots of snow. It snows some every day. If I call off any of my paths I can get into snow up over my knees. We had a nor’easter blow through earlier this week. Even in the midst of a snowstorm, driving home one afternoon I saw a robin make his way across the road in the air with the snow. This morning walking into the office from the parking lot I could hear robins marking their territory. It won’t be long now until the Red-winged blackbirds appear and really make it spring around here. The calendar says 11 more days until spring, but I won’t believe it until the RWBB comes to the hills of Candor.
With spring comes chicks. I have my order ready, even before my seeds are done. I have enough seeds to get us started for this year, but want to try a couple new varieties that are supposed to be good for NY. Plus I have 2 new greenhouses to try.


I am up to the heel on my first sock. This is the hard part. I enjoy knitting at the end of the day. I can relax and let my mind go, and in a zen-like way it relieves stress. Usually it relieves stress so much I fall right to sleep!


I have a crafty in-law. (Actually I have a LOT of totally crafty and creative in-laws!) But my husband’s Uncle Kenny is quite clever in his toolshop. We put out heads together and designed a system for displaying soap at shows. He made some handsome inserts that will hold lip balms, lotion bars and even tins! I love them and he did such a fantastic job. I need to get some soap made to show these beauties off!

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