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Planted garden


Finally got most of the garden in. Planted a couple types peppers and several types tomatoes (the buckets) for slicing and canning. Here is hoping we have a better year for tomatoes this year. Experiments this year include okra and chard.

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  1. mommagoose said

    HI I used to sell Okra at the Vestal Farmers Market. Okra does best in hot soil. I used Green thermally Opaic plastic .The same plastic I grew my melons in. It also likes a PH of 8 so add alot of wood ashes or lime. I soaked the seeds over night before planting them too. I read an artical once that Okra does really well in empty green houses in the summer. Some people plant the okra in trenches inside green houses or grow tunnels and flood the greenhouses with water to keep the humidity up.
    Probably more information than you wanted but thats me :)

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