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Blueberries are ripe for pickin

I picked blueberries today, about 10 cups. I could have used the dancing arms of Shiva to help: one hand to hold the bowl, another to pick the berries and my other 2 I would use to swat at bugs. They are terrible!

I use a very high tech way pf picking the berries. They grow in clusters and while they may be subject to about the same temps and light levels, they ripen at different rates. As a result some berries in one cluster may not be ready for picking. If I tickle under the cluster just right, the ripe berries let go of their loose stems and fall, making a satisfying plunk as they join the others in the bowl.

When I have decided that I have picked all the ripe ones I can, or when the bugs finally get to me (usually the bugs win before the berries are all picked) I make my way to the kitchen to sort and clean the berries. On my way I stop to offer a couple plump ones to Murphy the Turkey. In the kitchen, I sort through the berries, removing the stems, unripe fruit, and bug-eaten fruit. These pieces go into a small bowl, the ripe fruit goes in a colander for rinsing.
The unusable parts go out to the chickens or turkeys and the ripe fruit goes into the fridge. I like to eat them with homemade yogurt. This year we will try making blueberry wine.

It looks like a good year for blueberries.

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