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Hog Days of Summer

Pigs don’t sweat, and it’s been hot. As a result, Gary has been adding many buckets of water to their area for them to lay in. This is one happy pig right here.

They will fight each other for the best mud. Actually they fight each other over a lot of things.

All for one and one for all! Here is a brief moment where they are not fighting or pushing each other. It’s just too hot.

Aahhhh yeah, that’s better.

And here is the grass check. There’s none left!

So Gary orders take-out, picking weeds to put inside for them. This is where pigs were last year. We also give the pigs weeds from the garden.

The first pig goes down the road next week. This will be our third trip. Leading a pig to a trailer is not as easy task as you might think, no matter how many tasty treats the trailer holds. Gary built this chute ahead of time so the pigs get used to it, and it should be easier to load them. I’ll keep you posted. ;-)

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