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Quick Pix to Close the Month


Bullwinkle enjoys a drink from the bucket. Unlike Rocky the holstein, Bullwinkle only drinks from the teat on the bucket. Rocky will plunge his head into a 5 gallon bucket and drink his 2 quarts faster than you can believe.


Here is one of my young poults. He is a Naragansett/Royal Palm cross.


Most of this year’s chicks are completely free-range. They choose to hang out under trees and bushes, kept cool in the shade. Here some chicks take an afternoon siesta on a woodpile.


These chicks are just a touch too small to let roam just yet. They are marans and marans/welsumer crosses, plus another Nari/RPT cross poult. The poult like to roost on top of the waterer, and knocked it over right before I took this pic.

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