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Silly Turkeys and a day of Labor

The crabapples are ripe and the turkeys love to play rugby with them. One will grab an apple and run, and the others will chase that turkey until he drops the apple. Then it starts all over with a new turkey in the lead. I tried to take their picture, but they all stopped as if to say, “What?”

Based on Gary’s portable shed design, we built a turkey shed. The turkeys need to be closed up for turkey season, just in case.

Can you spot the turkey in this picture? Heather, an adult female, is still sitting on eggs at this late date.

Labor Day weekend we used our post hole digger for the first time to set some posts for a new fence. Hank the farm collie pup helps as usual.

The new fence is right by the goats and sheep. Can you spot Murphy turkey?

They all watched with interest. There might be food involved, you never know.

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