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How they grow

Here is our third heifer, a black angus cross. She is a little younger than the other heifers.

Just to compare, here is a red heifer. I can’t tell the 2 red girls apart unless they are standing next to each other; one is larger than the other.

My youngest turkey loves to fly up to the deck and do the tightrope walk around the rails. Actually all the turkeys will do this, but she is the most vocal about it, and the most photogenic.

Action shot of Hank. He is eager to help out in anything but not always right on the money about his decisions. Neither am I for that matter. ;-)

One weekend project involved rendering the lard we received as part of the butchered pigs. I followed the instructions laid out by Cyndi Muller of Muller’s Lane Farm. Thanks Cyndi!

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  1. Glad to be of help, Mo!! Time to make soap!!!

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