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Cold mornings, warm afternoons

First order of business Saturday morning after chores: fix that shed! It was a very cold morning and we thought the ground was frozen enough that the tractor could get traction without digging up the fields. Wrong! Still we used the tractor behind the shed and pulled it up and over with a chain. Then we tried using the tractor in the front to square the building and try to get the posts back in the same holes, but had no luck. The tractor could not move well in the mud so we left it like this.

The cows are undisturbed by our work.

Hank has discovered ice and it keeps him amused for a while. I hope the poor guy doesn’t bury these treats like he does to others, I doubt he will find the ice as easily as a bone.

Although the morning was very cold, it quickly warmed up to short-sleeve weather. In a rare shot where he is not strutting, here is Murphy dust bathing in the sun.

Chicks are getting bigger. Soon they can be integrated with the bigger birds.

About noon, and everyone has had their fill of breakfast. It is now naptime for about everyone for the next hour or so.

Napping goats. They alternate between snoozing and chewing their cuds.

Seeing everyone sleeping makes me sleepy too! But we have potatoes to dig and chores to do.

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