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Of Storms and Dogs … and Dogs

Last night we had a strong storm blow through. The wind was strong, lightning was everywhere, thunder plentiful and Hank the wonder dog was scared. He does not like loud noises very much, and although he barks a mean bark, he is usually running the other way at the same time.

We really had no damage. Surprisingly, empty rubbermaid tubs that we use to move hay around stayed put. Metal roofing pieces, 20x heavier than the tubs and stacked for winter storage, did not and were scattered. Branches were everywhere.

Oh, wait. The branches are from Hank. Hank the wonder dog likes to drag them out of the woods and he leaves them everywhere! So hard to tell what was storm-driven and what was dog-driven.
In fact, Hank has been so busy today I will devote a whole entry to him.
First I have to mention that the other day he chased Toby the donkey waaaay up the hill. And when I dug up 4 bushels of potatoes Saturday and he dug along with me, potatoes be damned. But this morning he took it to another level.
Gary walked up the hill, pre-dawn, to sit in the treestand to hunt deer. I kept Hank and Blue in the basement until I knew Gary was long gone. But Hank’s penchant for going through dirty laundry to chew on soiled socks proved that his time in the basement would be short. Once I thought Gary to be out of range, I let Hank out (and put all the socks away). BUT little did I know that Gary used a new buck lure this morning. And he doused a rag with it and dragged this rag along the ground his whole walk up to the stand. I think it is about a mile away.
Hank knew.
In fact, Hank followed Gary all the way to the tree and rolled in a special spot where Gary added more lure. He rolled, he dug, and he rolled some more. Then he looked for Gary. But instead of finding Gary (he was watching from his perch above) Hank instead found a group of deer, not too far from the tree stand, and drove them all away with his barking. He barked and ran away, barked and ran away, my brave dog. Then he ran back down the hill to return to me, unaware of his newest adventures.
During the day Gary split firewood we had been curing all summer, and stacked it neatly in new piles. Did you know that when you keep wood on the ground over the summer, mice will build their nests in it? Hank did. Not only did he look for the mice nests in the old piles, he decided to jump up on the new piles and dig threw those. The 3′ pile of logs were quickly flattened. And Gary stacked the wood again.
Hank is certainly a wonder dog. Or as Gary puts it, I wonder if he has a brain – dog.

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