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You say potato

After digging them all day, if you say potato, I will probably beat you right now. Just kidding. We finished digging all of our potatoes. We planted about 800′ of potatoes and dug them all –four rows of 200′ – in 3 days, by hand. Here I am with 11 5-gallon buckets of potatoes. There are 21 more buckets and baskets full of potatoes inside the root cellar.

Gary used a potato fork to lift the plant out and I used this neat little tool to find the taters. I think it is really meant for weeding but it worked well for me. We bought this in a box of oddlots from an auction at some point. I just happened to find it mixed up with our hand tools last week and thought I would give it a shot. It works well as a backscratcher too. ;-)

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  1. Nancy Cusumano said

    What do you do with all those potatos?
    Just curious.

  2. We just done harvesting our potatoes about a week ago. Crates and crates of good future eatings! We make it a family affair. I do the heavy moving of full crates and earth while the kids and Holly gather and crate potatoes. With the four of us and baby Hope it took two mornings. Good clean fun in the dirt. :)

  3. Looks like your taters done good this year! I love potatoes!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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