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5 in 10

5 kids.

10 hours.

10 more inches of snow.

Gary woke me at 4. “Lots to do,” he said. “We got a lot of snow overnight.” I got on the computer to do some quick things for work while he suited up to go outside. He wasn’t gone long when he stuck his head inside to tell me Nala had kidded. I finished what I was doing as quickly as I could and rushed outside.

Nala is very forgiving of others before she has kids of her own. Sweet, nice, the perfect goat. But the second she has her babies, watch out! She becomes a she-devil, biting and butting anything and everything that gets near her brood. And I have the scars to prove it. To get by her to take care of her kids, we need to fake left and go right to avoid her wrath.

Did I mention she had triplets? Our first set! Two girls and a boy.

Somehow the pigs managed to sleep through all of this!

Bugsy’s kids are up and about. Well one’s up and the other is lying about.

Even Murphy is in full force this morning, showing off even as he roosts on a gate. Nala is in the background, on the left.

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