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All I wanted was a cup of tea and a blanket

It must be the wacky weather that has given me this terrible cold. I went to bed last night at 6pm to try to sleep it off, and got up at 3:30 and got online to do some work. I felt terrible and by 6am I realized that I was fooling myself and told folks at work I would be at home, working, but not spreading germs. All I really wanted was a cup of tea and a blanket, but I went out at 6 to finish up with the chores that Gary had started. Thankfully he did a lion’s share of the work this morning so I thought my tea was just minutes away. Nope! Ma was obviously in labor. When it’s time for a goat to have her kids, she becomes very affectionate and Ma was no different. I was scratching her back when all of a sudden, she strained and grunted, and her water broke. Five minutes later, baby #1 was in the hay and Ma was going to town cleaning him up. Five minutes hadn’t passed when she strained and grunted again, and baby #2 slid right out. Another set of twins, another buck and another doe. And unlike last year, Ma took right to her babies.

Here’s Sarah’s buck, born a couple days ago. It’s been so cold I haven’t been able to use my camera.

And here is her doe, hiding in the hay. She is light-colored like her mama. and already loves to have her chin scritched just like Sarah.

So by 9am, I finally came inside for my tea and blanket. Gary thought Nala might kid today, and she is acting a little “off” so we may have more babies on this very windy and rainy day.

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  1. Oh, I think they are absolutely adorable!!!!!

  2. you know I love the kids
    can’t wait to the first ones here are on the ground

    still missing her roos

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