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Change in Weather

Today started with a call from work at midnight to tell me about a computer problem I needed to look into. Can you believe that at that time, the temperature outside was 52 degrees?
Early morning, after chores, we took advantage of the warm weather and attended to some goats’ feet and forked old hay out of their pens before it froze.

By 7:00pm, the temp had fallen to 25 degrees. It snowed today and the wind came. I was out running errands when Gary dealt with the port-a-huts in one of the goat pastures blowing over in the wind. We have never lost them to wind before. The cow’s run-in shed, which has toppled due to wind before, struggled and shook against the restraints we added, but stayed put.
One of the errands I ran today was actually more fun than errand. The spinning guild in Ithaca had their annual Rock Day. I started a website for New York fiber producers and fiber lovers called KnIthaca, and enjoy going to and writing about events like this. I have met several local producers online and finally got to meet them face to face.
Wind chills tomorrow morning are predicted to be below zero. I stick by my prediction that the full moon today and the weather shift mean chances are pretty good we will have more goat kids by the end of the weekend. You can bet the baby monitor will be on overnight.

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