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More goat kids

I slept in this morning until 5. It was one of those lazy mornings where it was comfy to stay under an afghan on the couch, sip coffee, and just take it easy. Although neither one of us said so out loud, it is just this kind of lazy morning that usually gets us in trouble.

Today was no different!

Gary went out first while I squeezed in one more sip of coffee. “Better get out here quick,” he said. “Febe had twins last night.”

It was 12 degrees. Lamps were on in the barn anyway but it’s still cold, and when you are a baby and wet, it’s even colder. Febe turned out to be a great first time mama and had them all cleaned up. They have just a touch of frosting to the tips of their ears. So we have another pair of twins, a boy and a girl. Febe’s buck looks just like Emma’s buck, slightly lighter on the head.

Gary took this pic of Emma’s babies yesterday. The buck is sleeping on top. They grow so quickly.

Will Bugsy be next? Or Nala? I tried to take a pic of Nala but it was so cold my camera batteries gave out on me. But she is huge and grunts and groans with every breath and movement.

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