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Ode To a Chicken

Loretta wasn’t a large chicken nor did she lay tons of eggs. But what she lacked in size and production, she more than made up for in spunk and personality. She was always the first hen I would give treats to, the one I would pick up and say hello to, and she knew her name and would come when I called her.

She also learned that when we carried things, it usually meant there was food for her involved. From shovels to rototillers, she knew if we were working in the ground she would get some bugs to eat. Even the barn crew commented when they came to drill the holes for the barn poles with the auger, a chicken came over and peered down their holes looking for bugs.

Loretta was a small hen and picked on by others, especially the roosters. After almost six years with us, she fought her last fight today. She is one chicken I will always remember.

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