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On the Loose

The weather is still unseasonably warm. The snow has melted, leaving lots of mud.
I am still sick. Gary still needs to leave for work by 5:00a.m. so today I did all the goats instead of him. Animals don’t care if you’re sick, they want their food and their attention and they want it now. So there is not much sleeping in that can be done, or getting sick. Things still need to move along, although sometimes admittedly, they move along slower.
The chickens have learned to take advantage of my slowness and rush the coop doors to get outside like children at recess. I’ve been too slow to close the door in time, and they run around free all day. This is fine by me except Hank has learned he can get free meals from their nest boxes, so I like to be able to watch out for this. The chickens are happy to run around and eat what grass there is.

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