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Pigs and Coyotes

This morning we had what we call an old-fashioned Sunday morning. We try about once a month to have a morning where we make coffee on the stove instead of using the electric pot and no computer use. Some mornings we will only use the oil lamps but today we used the electric lamps. I finished knitting a sock while Gary caught up on reading.

After chores, we went back to the farm where we got the piglets and brought home a bred sow. We also got a younger gilt. They are now in the garden. Soon we will have our own piglets!

Afer we got them settled in, we went to town to see the results of an organized coyote hunt. I wanted to see how many were brought in and how big they were. We hear plenty of coyotes throughout the night and in the morning when we do chores, but never see them. The hunt brought in a number of dogs but they were mostly foxes. Our winter has been so easy the coyotes are resting with full bellies and are hard to call in. A friend of Gary’s had won the prize for heaviest coyote the previous day. I think it was about 32 pounds.
The ducks have begun laying eggs. Good timing too, pigs love duck eggs. So does Hank – so I need to be quick finding them or he’ll eat them first.
The little doeling has perked right up and is running around like all the others. It’s such a relief when things work out.

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  1. Yay, duck eggs!

    I used to make coffee on the stove in a percolator for my grandmother. I was one of a handful of people she’d let do it; I did it right. :-) Dunno where her percolators went after she died. I’ll have to find one!

  2. bee vue said

    i was wondering if you had any shamo or aseel game roosters. also, do you sell pigs? if you could send me a message back please.

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