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Sound of silence

For the past week, we have had a baby monitor hooked up in the old barn so we can hear the pregnant does at night. Although the sound of the goats’ snoring and grunting is comforting as we fall asleep ourselves, we have learned one thing:
My roosters crow every morning at 1 a.m. Without fail.

The country charm of a rooster crow at daybreak is one thing, but when it is broadcast into your bedroom in the cover of night while you are fast asleep is something else.

This grows old. Fast. We have been waking up at 1 and can’t fall asleep until about 5 minutes before our real alarm goes off — around 3:30. Last night I was so tired, I fell asleep right after dinner, and it was before 7:00p.m. Since Gary was done with chores, he made a tuna casserole and green beans while I went outside to finish up with the chickens. The days are getting just a little longer, and the chickens want to stay out as long as they can, especially now that there are patches of grass exposed. This makes my chore time a little later, but a happy chicken will give lots of eggs, so I can’t complain (much).

Today it’s back to work for Gary too. Last night we slept with the monitor turned off and it was delightful. No roosters crowing. I don’t even remember hearing Hank bark at all, and with the full moon just a day or so away, this is surprising.

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  1. Oh no, 1 am?! And I thought ours crowing at 4 am was bad.

  2. Michelle said

    1 AM? WOW, the last rooster we had crowed every morning 4 am, this new one, he is about 9months old, we have never heard him crow, guess he willin time, lol

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