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T-Shirt in the Snow

It was almost warm enough today to wear a t-shirt in the snow. We re-arranged the barn yet again and cleaned some more. We also penned in the garden in preparation for a bred sow we are getting. The pig shed is frozen to the ground and unmovable, so we are using the horse trailer as the shelter.
One of the triplets who was just born has us worried. She cannot operate her hind legs and creeps around. She has a faint hematoma on the inside of one of her rear legs. I have been giving her Nutri-Drench each morning, and making sure she is standing up and using those legs. We have had goat kids before who have stiff legs but they seem to work the kinks out by Day #2. Already this little doeling seems to be perking up.
Even though there is now on the ground, I let the chickens out today. Gary cleaned out the woodstove and I took the ashes for the chickens’ dust baths. They love doing that on a sunny day. As Gary and I worked near the coops, Hank followed us down and promptly put all the chickens away. I called him off and the chickens came back out to enjoy the sun.
Gary used the charcoal grill today and barbecued some homegrown pork ribs. I baked some homegrown potatoes and green beans.

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  1. Robin said

    hey Mo nice job on the website I love the pictures

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