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With the weather comes …

The change in weather came with a big wind. Overnight it actually sounded like a train going through. Hank is not an inside dog, but he slept inside last night, only coming up the stairs a few times and only stealing one sock.
It was bitterly cold when we did chores. Chores were made harder with the cold. The waterers were all frozen solid, and stuck to the ground. Besides feeding and watering everyone, we had round bales to move around. The heifers needed one, and the ground was almost frozen enough for the tractor to move around and not tear up the mud too much. Gary noticed one of the metal roofing panels on the heifers’ run-in shed was loose and banging in the wind. At the same time he entered the pasture with his screw-gun and extra screws, the wind finally blew the panel off. He returned the panel to its place and added some extra screws.
We didn’t get inside for breakfast until about 10:00a.m. Gary made sausage gravy and homefries while I threw together some biscuits and whole wheat waffles. I like to make a big batch of waffles on Sunday to eat for breakfast throughout the week. We realized it was too late to make the hour trip to visit his parents like we usually do on Sundays, and had a quiet day at home.
We started chores again around 2:00p.m. After graining the pregnant does in the barn, I realized that Sarah was starting to go into labor. After the rough time she had last year, I was worried about her labor this go round, and hoped that she would pull it off without a hitch. I watched her for a couple minutes, then joined Gary inside the house. I returned a phone call from someone looking to buy goats, and went back out to the barn to find Sarah had delivered one baby and was working on number two. (congratulations, Shepherds Run Farm!) She had another set of twins, a buckling and a doeling, and had no problem.
It was still bitterly cold, and we set up heat lamps for them. I worked with Sarah to get the kids nursing. Her bag was so large it was hard for the little ones to get a grip! Once they were settled, we went back inside and had a light dinner of cheese and crackers. I finished a sock I had been knitting and we were asleep by 8:00p.m.

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