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A Choring Day

I always talk about “doing chores,” but I don’t think I have ever elaborated what that means around here.
Today is Thursday and that means delivery day. I have about over 40 customers at work, and deliver their orders at lunch time, usually on Thursdays.
Today I had 12 dozen eggs to wash, box and label, potatoes to weigh and soap to pack. At about 5:15, it’s time to go outside and feed everyone. Buckets of water are drawn inside now since it is so cold. We pull on our many layers of clothes before going inside, and Hank pulls and grabs the legs of our Carhartts as we try to get dressed. ALways helpful, Hank is.
The heifers get 6 buckets of water, the steers get 1, 3 buckets are for goats outside, 2 buckets are for the mama goats inside, and 3 more buckets go to the pigs. Everyone gets pets and scritches. All the goats get stocked up on hay, the steers get their hay, the heifers’ round bale gets forked and fluffed, the pigs get several pounds of feed, and I drop waterers off in the chicken coops and open their doors. Then I place some more poultry feed in the barn for the turkeys and ducks. My last task before going in is putting food out for Hank.
Then we get ready for work and hit the road. Today I had to check on that kid goat, but she appeared to be over her trauma.
For the first time ever, I had to cancel deliveries today. Issues at work kept me tied to the desk. I notified my customers, kept the eggs in the fridge at work, and rescheduled for tomorrow.
Gary and I both arrived home late from work today around 5:30. We typically like to grain the goats early when it is cold but today we grained them anyway. They started calling for it from all sides as we got out of our trucks. I knew they wouldn’t quiet down until they got their grain.
Besides grain for the goats, cows and pigs, afternoon chores consist of more water and more hay. More pets and scritches for all. I remove the chicken waterers from the coops, fill their feeders with food for tomorrow, collect eggs, and close the coop doors. Then we go inside, eat dinner and unwind a little before starting all over tomorrow.

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