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Baby, You Must Be Cold

Having worked late all this week, I decided to cut out a little early today. I thought I would surprise Gary by getting home before he did, and getting all the chores done before he got home. He still beat me home, but we did all the chores together. But there were other things to do.
After all of our warm spring-like weather, we are now into the single digits at night and around 20 degrees during the day. The goat kids are not entirely used to the temperature change, neither am I! But today a goat kid had a problem.
She stood in the corner, hacking, with bubbling forth coming out of her nose. She was going downhill fast. A quick check of her temperature showed she was way too cold. I got her inside the basement next to the woodstove and started calling people.
Forget the internet and books, when there is an emergency like this, nothing’s better than a phone call or 2 to more experienced producers or a friendly vet. After talking with 2 other producers it was decided she either had pneumonia by ingesting something into her lungs, or was too cold to digest milk. Thankfully it turned out she was just too cold: after being inside for an hour, her temp came up, her spirit came up and the coughing went away. Out she went to mama, who was very glad to see her.
I went outside several times during the night to check on her. She slept in a communal pile of kids with mama close by. She was fine.

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