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Can’t Stick to the Plan Today

We had a hard time sticking to our plans today. I wanted to make soap, Gary wanted to cut wood. It seemed like it was going to be a nice day in spite of the predicted rain, so I let all the chickens out.

We let Toby the donkey roam too. After chores, we came back inside for a breakfast of homegrown eggs and bacon with toast and orange juice. After eating all that, it was hard to get moving! But I decided to head off to the feed store before it rained. Ninety minutes and 2 phone calls later, I hit the road.

When I returned, we had company. Some goat producers in the next town stopped by to see our kids and the pigs. We had a nice visit.

After they left we started with chores again, graining all the goats and cows, and filling their hay mangers. The predicted rain started and we rushed to get my truck unloaded and the feed put away.

We never did get to the soap or the wood. Some days are like that.

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