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It’s All About the Hay

This morning after chores we worked on hay. Gary used the tractor to put some round bales under cover in the new barn, and I went to work raking up old hay before the snow came. The old hay I took up to the garden for the pigs.
The farm where we usually buy hay has been sold, and they have sold all of their hay. It’s a bad tme of year, but now we need to call around for another source of hay. Last year was pretty much a bad year for hay around here. It started out nice enough but then we fell into a drought towards July and hardly anyone could get a second cutting.
After raking all the hay, I took the fourwheeler up into the fields for a quick lap. I usually take Hank with me, but he had spent the morning being a bad dog, chasing the turkeys.
We drove out to Gary’s parents’ house for an afternoon visit and returned a little late for afternoon chores. The goats let us know we were late. The chickens and turkeys had pretty much gone to bed, although one rooster who has been loose for the past couple of days ran from coop to coop, trying to get in. He must have known a storm was coming. I have been trying for days to get him back in his coop, and finally tonight, he followed me right to the coop’s door and strolled right in.

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