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A Sunny Day (lots of pictures)

After snowing for the past 3 days, Sunday dawned clear and sunny. About time! It was a perfect day. I cooked and cleaned in the morning while Gary worked outside. I came outside and goofed off by taking tons of pictures. Then I went to pick up a load of feed and by the time I got back it was time for chores. We took a quick fourwheeler ride before going in for dinner.

Lots more pictures to follow:

Even though the temps are cold, the turkeys are still in full-spring mode. Here is Luther strutting his stuff.

And here’s my handsome Murphy. He and Luther had a little disagreement a couple days ago, and both have a few nicks and scars. Murphy’s pride is a little beaten too.

My youngest turkey hen follows me everywhere.

The ducks enjoy the sunshine in the doorway of the new barn.

My chickens do not like the snow. Luckily Gary has plowed the drive and the snow has melted enough that they can walk on it.

The kids in the barn are growing! We have some warmer temperatures predicted finally, so we can move them outside and prepare for kidding, round 2. The roosters jump into their pen to search for grain and scratch through the hay. And provide some entertainment for the kids.

Here is Nala and her 3 kids plus another kid on the left. We ended up moving Nala to her own pen this afternoon. The other goats beat up on her too much for her to get a good meal. And with 3 kids, she needs all she can get!

One of Nala’s kids enjoys some hay after being moved to the new pen.

Here is one of our young bucklings.

Annie is due the first week of April. She only started to look huge this week.

Many people at my workplace often ask me about the kid who came to work. Here she is with buddy Cinnamon. I couldn’t get them away from the hay for a better picture.

Erin was also born last spring a little after our frozen girl (no, she doesn’t have a name yet!)

Hank samples the hay.

Here is Liddie the pygmy. That must be some hay, everyone’s too busy eating to pay attention to the camera.

Matty and Mae nibble at a white pine. We throw them into the pens with the goats, sheep and cows. They like to eat something green once in a while.

One of our cows is bred and is really starting to look huge. Here she shows us her best side.

Stand too long at the fence and other cows are sure to get curious! This is another red hereford, coming in for some pets.

Hank pets her too.

The big pigs slept in the sunshine most of the day.

We tried moving big mama pig again today, but were not successful.

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