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Day of Work

Winter is back again. There is nothing like bundling up and going outside for a full day of TRIMMING GOAT FEET. It’s pretty exciting. I learned that when a grown goat stands on a certain nerve in my leg, I can only see white and say nothing but “ay ay ay,” no matter how much Gary asks me what’s wrong.
To add to the joy, we also vaccinated all the does who will kid in the next couple weeks with their CD/T shots (Clostridium Perfringens & Types C & D Tetanus Toxoid). We do this a couple weeks before they are due to kid so the vaccine can protect the babies too.
It used to be very important for us to ensure the babies at least had their tetanus shot since we used to disbud at 5 days. We decided to stop that this year and see how we do with all horned goats.

We noticed our bred cow was acting strangely. It looks like she will calf tonight. Lows are expected to be 15. She’s not the most friendly cow so I hope we don’t have to intervene.

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