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In Like a Bull…

As I described a few entries ago, Gary won an overnight stay at a local inn, La Tourelle by riding a mechanical bull. The overnight stay included an which could be a trip on snow shoes, corss coutnry skiis or mountain bikes. Figuring we pretty much live in the same area as La Tourelle and have our own shoes, skiis and bikes, a room with a jacuzzi would be more of an adventure for us. So they allowed us to forgo the adventure and get a tub. Since I have been working very hard at the day job, and Gary’s work is about to get very hectic we decided to take off Thursday night and stay over til Friday.

As it turned out, March came in like a lion for sure. Driving there alone was an adventure. Thursday afternoon a nor’easter struck but we were determined.

And as it turned out, their definition of jacuzzi varies greatly from ours so the trip really wasn’t that exciting. We got back home around 8am and got to work on chores.

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