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Pink Hats Rock!

Spring is almost here. Almost. It’s enough that Hank can find the many gloves and rags that he has stolen from Gary over the past couple months, and recover them from whereever they have been hidden.
It’s been a constant fight between Gary and Hank, and Gary’s many gloves, boots and rags. Surely, Hank must think, Gary has plenty to go around.

Last weekend I decided I needed something. A pink spring hat. Yup I admit – it’s fugly. I would not appear in public in this hat (although one could argue that this picture on this website qualifies as appearing in public). But it is pink and springlike unlike my brown winter hat and my navy hat. I put this hat on and I feel better – it’s pink! even though the animals look at me funny and the turkeys and goats want to eat it.
And Gary? He hates this hat.
He hates this hat so much that he wished today Hank would find it and stash it with the many things he has tucked away over the winter months. But even Hank leaves this hat alone.

He should leave this hat alone – it’s pink! and it’s spring and I can be fugly if I want to!

So Gary left us alone and changed the oil on his truck. He has to use a ladder because his truck is so big. And his hat is brown.

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  1. Found you through your comment at Crazy Aunt Purl. Too funny. Who doesn’t talk to farm critters? My birds are ladies, and they always have an opinion and the sheep talk back even before I get a word in!

  2. Wayne Stayton said

    Haven’t seen a new post from you in a while – hpe everything is all right . . .

    I was born and raised on a farm just north (half way between Moravia and Skaneatles) of you, and enjoy reading your comments/blog . . .

    Again, hope everything is okay!!!



  3. Country Girl said

    It’s been over a month!!! What’s going on on your farm? Any new babies? We currently have six ducklings we are caring for until they are old enough to be released. I think they are mallards. Would love to see a new journal entry!

  4. Katie said

    Another reader wondering where you’ve gone. Hope everything is ok!

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