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Seeing PBR Live

Every weekend Gary looks forward to watching PBR on OLN. The bullriding season starts in January and ends in December, but they take time off between May and June.

You might remember Gary’s own foray into bullriding last February.

We ordered our tickets early. I had to call the ticket office 2 more times to ensure we had seats right by the chute (where the riders and bulls come out). Then I had to call the office to ensure we had tickets since we received no confirmation, and while I was at it, could I ask again if our seats were by the chute?
Needless to say, Gary was excited about going!

We arrived at the event at Turning Stone Casino early. We thought we would have plenty to keep us busy there. Turns out, neither of us like gambling or playing the video games that pass as gambling these days. We don’t like shopping for jewelry or Native America art either. So by the time the arena opened for the event, we were more than ready.

First off were Guilherme Marchi and Paulo Crimber, signing autographs.

Our seats were indeed right by the chute and right by all the riders getting ready. Here they are putting some safety gear on. Not a lot when you consider what they are about to do!

Here’s Corey Navarre and, uh, other guy, getting their bullropes ready.



Our seats were right by the chute, or where the riders get into a stall to get on the bull. Not too much room there. Guess you don’t need too much, of you think about it.

The bulls are in a pen behind the chutes.

Cory Navarre leaves the ring. He just got bucked off, but there he is, 3 feet away. I learned that the riders are smaller in person than on tv.

Like the guy in the brown here. He is Brazilian Claudenir Souza and also particiaptes in ultimate fighting, kind of like boxing but about anything goes. He’s solid, he’s big, but in person he is about 5’3″. The guy in the blue is Allan Moreas, one of the 3 or 4 brothers who all ride in PBR. Adriano is the most famous.

By the end of the night we decided we had a great time and were ready for more! The Built Ford Tough tour of the PBR where the best riders of the world compete will be coming to Reading, PA, in September. It’s the closest PBR comes to this area. I think we’ll be there!

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