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Turkeys on the loose!

The goats weren’t the only ones out and about today. With no forecast of rain in the near future (I can’t believe it either) it was safe to let them all run around.

It’s pretty obvious who are Murphy’s babies (like these 2) and who are Luke’s babies. I still can’t tell what sexes they are though.

This tiny baby looks to be one of Luther’s. He’s a cutie.

Murphy and Luther are close by, looking over their family. Luther is camera-shy. I don’t think Murphy minds! That tiny turkey baby snuck in there, see him? (he’s to the left of Murphy).

Melody keeps a watchful eye above and below for her babies, even the young muscovy she is fostering.

The babies learn to watch the skies too. I pay attention to the turkeys; they often see hawks fly over before anyone does.

Hamming it up for the camera? Do we have another Murphy on our hands?

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