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Hank’s first kill

Do you remember the hen who made her nest in the potatoes? She hatched out 6 teeny tiny babies. I moved her to a tractor on the lawn, underneath some poplar trees.

The other morning, very early, the dogs were going nuts. The coyotes have been active lately, and the screech owls are calling from the hedgerow in the field, but this morning they were after something different. It wasn’t until I went outside after sunrise to feed the chickens that I knew why.

When I stopped at my potato hen’s coop, Hank ran to a poplar and started climbing the tree! He pulled down a young oppossum and began shaking it. He held it on the ground with his paws, shook it a few times, and looked at me. I called Gary over, we declared the oppossum dead, praised Hank over and over, and Gary placed the critter in the back of a truck.

Ever hear the phrase “playing oppossum?” Well guess what? Later when Gary went to check on the truck, the oppossum was getting ready to climb out over the tailgate! He made it and took off for the woods. Hopefully to go bother someone else.

Meanwhile Hank has discovered the baby rabbits in the field and has become quite good at catching them. It is a hard thing to watch. Once he catches them he will lay down with the poor thing and lick it and lick it and start tossing it in the air. “Where are the rabbits George? I want to hug ‘em, and squeeze ‘em, and love ‘em and pet ‘em.”

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