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Who you calling jerky?

Gary used his smoker to make jerky this week. Usually this is a dead of winter project, and he uses the oven, and the smell of smoked meat permeates the house. The smoker is a great alternative!

The first step is to marinate thin strips of meat. This is venison. This time, Gary used a dry rub his dad brought back from one of their many hunting trips to Canada. But he has also used a combination of commercial jerky seasonings, liquid smoke and seasoned salt in past batches. The meat has to sit for at least a day after it is covered in the seasoning.

Each strip is laid over a rack of the grill. Helper is optional.

Then he leaves them in the grill for a long time. At the bottom of the smoker are some apple chips for premium smoky flavor.

By the end of the day, Gary has a nice supply of jerky. He also smoked a couple of ducks we had in the freezer this week. He brined them for a day or so in salt water first, then sat them in the smoker all day. I didn’t have any but I am told it was dee-lish.

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