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The Storm That Wasn’t

After a week of 60 degree weather (I saw forsythia blooming this week!), the front that affected WA and KS so badly has finally moved through here. Sustained winds of 50mph were predicted, lots of rain, small flood advisories, the works. After the flooding and rainfall of two weeks ago in the southern tier, many school closed early and events were cancelled.

We got a little bit of rain. The wind did blow last night, howling through like a train. I waited to hear roofs of the chicken tractors blow off, but heard nothing. With the cold front I expected snow on the ground this morning, but there is none. All the weather alerts have been cancelled.

Of course I haven’t been outside yet, but this storm was a dud. It’s getting to be the time of year where I almost *hope* for a storm, the kind that makes us hole up inside and listen to the lists of closings on the radio.

I know I will get my wish very soon now. It’s inevitable around here!

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  1. What on earth are chicken tractors? The mind boggles! As we move into summer and more of the prolongued drought, the thought of rain and flooding and snow is alluring. And has the little turkey poult gone forever?

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