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What everyone needs: more turkey pictures!

Of course, here’s Murphy. He’s always close by.

Here is a Royal Pam hen (Murph is a Royal Palm tom).

Melody the naragansett. This is the hen who broke her leg this summer. If you look closely, you can see how one of her feet points to the side.

This is Big Tom. He is a spring hatch and a bronze/naragansett cross.

Bronze/naragansett cross hen.

This is now my youngest turkey. I still don’t know what gender. One week he looks like a tom and the next, a hen. This week I am thinking this is a hen.

Some muscovy drakes enjoy a drink. These boys are huge.

Here is a tiny bantam sussex hen with her chicks. I think she is my smallest chicken, excluding her chicks who are with her.

Some chickens.

After a full day of running around, some birds take a nap.

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