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Forecast: warm and muddy

The 2 feet of snow we got Monday has now melted into mud. Temperatures are supposed to be up to 75 by Sunday. Last night as I closed coop doors, the fields were alive with woodcocks, peepers and I even heard the masked tree frogs warming up. Coltsfoot has started to bloom along the sides of the toads and the honeysuckle is starting to leaf out.

I put the goat kid out with Annie on Thursday. Annie is being a little difficult about letting the kid feed, but she’s remembering how this all works. I am glad not to have to bottle feed every couple of hours anymore. I am hoping the mud in the fields dries soon so they can go outside.

There is mud everywhere, a thick sticky mess that threatens to pull my boots off with every step. My usual chore boots are Muck Boots and they are very good. The one peeve I have about them (which actually bothers Gary more than it does me) is that I have no room to tuck my pants into them. As a result the bottoms of my pants get all wet and muddy and are wearing thin. I think I see new work boots in my future, probably in time for the mud to dry up and go away.

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