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Potatoes, poults, and calves

This year we are planting mostly white potatoes and are trying some reds and blues too. The reds and blues have to be cut and cured before they are planted.

Here are some red and blues already cut.

Gary sorts seed potatoes.

The tractor pulls our new potato plow to create a row. We used to do this by hand with a hiller on a rototiller. With our sloping and rocky soil, the tractor makes this job much much easier.

A row.

A row filled with potatoes. Gary is at the end of the row covering the potatoes.

While we were planting, there were a lot of events happening in the fields next door. Betty was going into labor.

It was a pretty easy delivery. Once she was done, everyone gathered around to meet the new calf.

Betty cleans her calf. It is a bull calf.

JW looks on.

Good job, Betty.

Chicken is not the youngest anymore!

The calf nurses for the first time.

He’s pretty big – not quite as big as Chicken when he was born – but a good 80 pounds.

Earlier that day, some turkey poults began to hatch. And a chick. They are inside right now. The turkey hen (the one under the Cub tractor) is good at sitting on eggs but not on chicks. I found these 2 on the floor next to her, almost dead from cold.

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