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Flowers, Chicks and Clouds

I take pictures of the rhodos and azaleas every year. With the heat we have been having I almost missed them.

I have been slowly building a shady garden over the years. It is retained in a rock wall at the side of the deck off the house. It gets some sun in the late afternoons. Its shady cool area beckons the geese to come lay down in it but fortunately (for them!) they have not ruined any plants yet. I have Lady’s Mantle, snow drops, crocus, huechara, bleeding heart like this,

a decorative climbing honeysuckle, and clematis.

Toesy lives in the pastures with the goats. She has been sitting on eggs the past month and once one chick hatched, she gave up on sitting and started showing her kid the world. Here she is outside the pig pen.

Hens can be very protective of their babies. Here Toesy has determined the pigs are a little too close for comfort and gives them a piece of her mind.

Once that hen gave up on sitting on the rest of her eggs, I gave all 3 of them to this Sussex hen in Blue’s doghouse. This hen had just hatched out 2 turkey poults earlier today, and lost a chick to what appears to have been a raid by a different flock of chickens. They do that. :/ But the transferred eggs have already pipped and soon this Sussex will be rewarded with a couple babies. It takes at least 21 days for eggs to mature to hatching. That’s a lot of sitting and staring for these hens, and it’s been hot.

With the heat we get humidity and thunderstorms. There’s a doozy on its way down the valley. Tomorrow I will have lots of baby pictures to show!

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  1. very nice flowers !

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