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PBR at Vernon Downs

The PBR tour came to Vernon Downs Saturday and Sunday. We managed to get away for a day and meet Chris Shivers. In case you didn’t know, Chris Shivers is the 2000 and 2003 PBR World Champion with over $3 million in prize money.

Although we sat in the front row, it was hard to take pictures through the fences. You should click on these and view the large version to really get a good view of the details. The bulls milled around and tested each other before the event.

Some riders watched as the bulls were sorted.

Chris Shivers stands with some very young riders and the Pledge of Allegiance is said.

Chris Shivers’ first ride. He is still nursing a broken leg from early this year.

I can’t remember this rider’s name. I do know he is initially from NY and lives in Arkansas, and won a championship in Illinois. He wore a turkey feather in his hat and when I met him later, I showed him a picture of Murphy. “Nice turkey, ” he said, ” Can we eat him?” :-/

One of the bull fighters.

There were a lot of kids there too and it was good to see so many of them really into it.

On the way home we passed a steak house with this huge hereford out front. Gary had to get a picture. It’s “Joel’s Front Yard Steakhouse” so let us know if you have ever been there and how it is!

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