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It’s hot (or why weeds are good)

Outside the barn we have a large patch of weeds. It’s unsightly but it does have a purpose.

The birds and their chicks all love to hang out in the cool depths on hot days.

Two chickens and chicks. They really get swallowed up in there!

These ducks were in there – they came out to see what I was doing.

This turkey hen and duck hen sat on the same clutch of eggs. During the incubation time, they would steal from each other’s piles, back and forth, every day. They are heading towards the weeds too.

Goosegoose usually hangs out under the crab apple tree by the hostas. Those hostas provide a lot of shade.

To beat the heat, the turkeys pant. If no one is around, the toms will split up and each find their own spot of shade and take a nap. Periodically they will get back together and browse in the grasses under trees. One tom prefers to hang out in the barn in the middle of the day which I don’t understand – even in the doorway it is much hotter inside the barn than out.

And Hank – well he just pants all the time. This is his favorite spot – from this hill he can overlook the goats and sheep and all the chicken coops to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

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