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New at the fair this year

Of course the Faiir has to change it up a little each year to keep (some of) us coming back. Don’t worry, State Fair, I will always come back! But it is interesting to see the new displays.

One of the biggest new displays was one for NY breweries. Not the likes of Annheiser-Busch (although they were there) but small craft breweries.

It was a large display detailing the beer making process as well as its affect on NY business and economics. There were also samples with very very very long lines. Each day, a new craft brewery was highlighted and offered samples. AB was there every day with samples of their crafty-er beers and energy drinks. And long lines. I would say it was a very successful event.

Another new and permanent display was for war veterans. This is outside the Horticultural Building.

A new long house is being built in the Indian Village. Their previous structure was damaged by snow last winter.

New roof on the sheep barn, same reason.

I am pretty sure the goat shows had their own tent last year but they certainly did this year. This is not only because more folks are showing their goats, but because the sheep barn is just too small for all the animals that are housed there. Not only are the sheep classes HUGE, but also shown in the same building are the pigs, llamas and alpacas and who knows what else. A tent next door serves as another ring for the goats.
Ironically, the second floor of the poultry barn was completely shut off. The pigeons did not have their normal big corner coop. My first thought was perhaps the poultry barn suffered some winter damage too, but looking around I noticed the poultry classes were smaller. There just weren’t that many birds this year, although there were some pheasants and I don’t remember seeing those shown at the fair before. Even 3-4 turkeys.

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