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Quiet Sunday

After yesterday’s big adventures it was good to have a quiet day at home. It iwas cool and fall-like today although the sun warmed things up a bit.

The calf spent the day outside and we moved the pigs outside for good.

They look pretty happy! The temp is supposed to go to the mid-40s tonight so we filled their house with hay.

The other pigs are in their own pasture.

If the little pigs keep eating like this they will be as big as the others in no time!

We also worked on the garden fence. The chickens have been getting in and eating tomatoes as soon as they get ripe – not good! We’ve hardly been getting any. The corn is almost ready. Would you say Gary is outstanding in his field?

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  1. Looking good there.

    We’ve talked about adding pigs to the sheep and chickens, but aren’t sure we can make their home secure enough.

    Gary really is outstanding in his field. Quite a change from his “slacking” on the bull riding contest. Congrats to him for hanging in there while they got it working.

  2. Loved the pics! It’s been a rough year for corn here in central PA – yours looks good and tall.

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