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South of the border

Today we took a trip to Pennsylvania to go to an auction. Here’s a tip: if you ever want to sell firearms, sell them at an auction. They always command top dollar. In contrast, if you ever want to buy a large tractor, buy one at auction and you will save yourself a lotta money (unless it’s a Deere then all bets are off).

For once the few things we were interested in at the auction sold first. This is a rarity. It was a nice day, but cold, and we took a drive.

We were in Leraysville and if it is one place you have to see when in Leraysville, it is the Cheese Factory.

Each year (we seem to only visit once a year) they add on another room. If you like cheddar so sharp that you cannot cut it with a knife — instead it just crumbles into little tangy bits that melt in your mouth — then this is the place for you. You want to take PA467 and head up the hill at the Y with all the signs. It’s the first dirt road on your left.

Just don’t plan to go on Sunday. It is an Amish store and open every day but Sunday. Other times I have visited, a buggy has been parked out front. Today it was some tourists, some area hunters, and us.

We drove around some more and took in the local scenery.

It’s farm country. Many farms are Amish.

All too soon, it was time to head home. It gets dark around 5pm, and we had chores to do.

And cheese to eat :)

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