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Yet more pictures – do they all look the same?

I haven’t taken a picture of GooseGoose in a while. It’s not like they look different from the last time I took their picture, yet here they are. They constantly stroll around and graze on the grass and what they can find under the leaves. They do this all night too.

One of the young toms. Gary asks me why I take so many pictures of the turkeys, they all look the same. I can’t help it!

Just like taking pix of the cows! They all look the same too. Well maybe bigger.

Most likely all the chicken pictures look the same too. But I still take em. You can tell how spoiled this group is – I near their coop and they all meet me halfway looking for treats.

Leghorn rooster. It’s pronounced leggern but you can say Leg-Horn if you want. :) Leghorns are a flighty breed and the roosters are hard to tame down (imo). But rarely do other breeds have the sheen and shine to their feathers that leghorns do. They really are gorgeous.

Barred rocks, on the other hand, are quite personable and friendly.

Obligatory Murphy shot.

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  1. These pictures are wonderful. Don’t worry if they seem the same to you…the stories you tell are what make them so interesting, and I’m sure each story is just a bit different. Keep posting the pics, I’ll keep looking! :-)

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