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Liddy’s stuffing comes out – but no kids

Remember Liddy? Very pregnant pygmy goat I posted about here. This morning her stuffing was coming out. She had a prolapse and was not feeling too well. When Liddy does not chow down on breakfast, you know there is something wrong. Picture is here, it is slightly graphic for those not used to seeing such things.

After washing her off with disinfectant and warm water, and using rubber gloves and lube to try to put her back together again, we took a drive to the vet. I was clearly out of my league! Liddy was well behaved on the ride there, laying down in a pet carrier I had in the back of my truck.

The ride back she was even quieter! Here she is, passed out and drooling on the floor of my truck (I took the pic with my cell phone while driving). She received an epidural and some other drugs to numb the pain for a while. She was thoroughly washed and put back together. The vet put gauze on her face to cover her eyes so driving would not make her nervous, but Liddy was feeling no pain. She woke up about 4 miles from home, and stood up the remainder of the ride.

She is rigged up in a way that sheep usually are when they prolapse.

Except sheep have very sticky pliable wool that we can work with and attach things to. Goats do not. Across her withers she is wearing a horse halter, like a martingale. Gauze is braided and wrapped around her back side.

All of that to hold cotton string, usually used to tie off umbilical cords, which holds her all together.

It’s all Rube Goldberg-esque but it seems to be working. The big test will be when those kids are ready to pop out. That is the part that makes me very, very nervous. Until then, Liddy, keep eating your hay!

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