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Annie’s kids

Last Friday night, Annie had her kids. Two boys. After Liddy’s adventure I was a little nervous. But everything was fine. Murphy was there for the whole birthing process, fanning his tail as he roosted on a stall wall. He has godfathered many many goat kids.

Annie. Is. Huge. After the first couple days, I will begin to milk her. When she was in labor I almost thought she was going to have triplets. The first kid was an effort to deliver, but kid #2 (the mostly white one) slid right out almost into my lap.

It took about a day for the boys to get a hang of it, but now they are old pros at this eating thing. They even nibble at grain at this young age!

Although it is a very nice day out, this is their first journey outside the barn, and they do not venture very far. Everyone, including this rooster, is very curious and wants to meet them.

Big Tom sticks around the barn too. That is where all the ladies have been hovering, playing in the hay and eating black oil sunflower seeds (their favorite treat).

Some muscovy ducks share a helping of black oil sunflower seeds with a turkey hen in the barn.

The turkeys started to lay their eggs this week. So far no one is showing signs of being broody.

Winter is receding here on the hill, and we are in the full stages of MUD SEASON. Some snow still remains up on the hill by the pig house, now boarded up.

The chickens are happy to have some grass to eat and scratch through.

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  1. I have an Annie too! Not as big as your Annie but she is going to have her first kid soon. I really enjoyed all your pictures and seeing the animals. Thanks.

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