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Weekend activities

After a month of trying, Gary gets the trailer up the hill to the pig pen. We will deliver them to the butcher later today.

Time for Liddy’s stitches to come out. Gary held her while I snipped.

When they were all out, I covered the incision with Zinc Oxide. Her coat is taking a longer time to grow back than it is taking for her incision to heal.

Murphy supervised from outside the stall.

Annie, who shares the stall with Liddy, watched from the corner. According to my notes, she is due to kid this week. At this point, her bag is much larger than her belly!

I spotted a duck checking out nest sites under a toolbench in the barn. I never found an egg, but this shows they will be laying soon.

Turkey hens play on our homemade critter carrier (it fits in the back of Gary’s truck). They do stuff like this all day.

Hank sits on the hill and watches them all.

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