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Signs of Spring

The turkeys can go where ever they want. This can be a good and a bad thing :) I love how they come running when I call. But when Gary works on his truck, he could probably do without the extra help.

You will have to click this picture to get the whole effect. Everyone came out to help Gary change his oil. Another downside of letting turkeys free range this time of year is that it is also breeding season. When I was taking these pictures, I heard a wild tom on the hill behind us. It wasn’t too long until one of my hens answered his call and made the trip up the hill herself. I saw her tom, and he was large and very handsome, but afraid of me. He ran and I led the hen back down the hill. I might have to rethink this free range thing.

Some flowers have started to bloom which I hope will attract the bees away from the grain. They still swarm our grains every afternoon, hungry things. These crocus should stick around until we get some really warm days, or until my birds discover them.

These snowdrops, or Galanthus, are in my rock garden, hopefully protected from most curious beaks around here.

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  1. I worry a little about the wild turkeys while mine are out too. So far so good as we’ve seen them on the farm only once. They usually aren’t far away though.

  2. Love your helpful turkeys! =) We have helpful critters as well… We have a female turkey with the same coloring as your Murphy …. she’s the only turkey here on the farm. She gets confused. Sometimes she thinks she’s a tom and struts around (all feathers on display) for our chicken hens. Sometimes she chases after our roosters…. and other times, she lays down for us! Crazy bird! You can see her here:

    Thanks for sharing your farm! Looks like you have a fun place! =)


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