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Joel Salatin I am not

The first round of chickens have been processed. I could not get an earlier date with the butcher so the Freedom Rangers went in this batch as well as some of the larger K22 broilers who reached market weight in 2 months. The dressed out at 3.5 pounds. Here are the chickens who are left.

It looks like they are fenced in, but here is a group roaming the goat pastures. They are completely free range from dawn til dusk.

Joel Salatin is a farmer famous for marketing organic small farm products who has also written several books about it and how to be successful at it. I have most of his books and enjoying reading them very much. Treating farming as a serious business, he teaches that the bottom line has no room for injured or sick animals. And this is why I will never be a successful farmer.

For example here is a Freedom Ranger hen. She was slashed on her side by an amorous rooster. She had maggots in the wound and instead of culling her, I treated the would with 7% iodine to clean the wound and evacuate the maggots. I knew the day I did that she would never make it to the freezer. She lived in solitary while she healed. And heal she did.

Here are more Freedom Ranger hens. Yup, they are staying too, not because they are injured but because I think they are sweet.

So while it is true I will never be able to view the farm as a business and be able to cut my losses when I have to, there is one caveat I have learned from Joel Salatin and have taken to heart. I enjoy bringing people closer to their food. I like to tell them how they were raised, little known facts about animal care and other little stories. I know we are giving the animals a great life and also giving the people a healthy product. I will never make a lot of money at it at this rate but I will have a good time doing it. And I think that is just as important.

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  1. That’s great Mo! Where do you distribute? I wish I lived closer to you…I would love knowing that my food comes from you!

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