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Pounding the day away

The fenceline at 910 has been there a long time. As the previous owner stated, “the horses stayed in from memory, not from the fence.” Since it is our plan to use this main pasture as winter ground for everyone including cows, the fence has to be solid. and there are many apple trees right inside the old fenceline that we would like to preserve. So adding a new fence and moving the apples out as much as possible was our goal this week.

Gary has been cutting locust trees down for quite some time. He peeled the bark off of them. Although the bark can make this hardwood last longer, as it peels away it makes the post smaller than the hole and the post is not as solid as it once was.

We walked the entire fenceline and removed the old fencing and insulators. Then using string, a tape measure and some marking paint, we created a new line for the fence.

Gary marks each spot where a locust post will go. They are about 18′ apart. T-posts will fill in the gap in between.

We rented a post hole pounder the next day and got to work. Although we had to make a quick trip back to the dealer for a replacement hydraulic fitting, we still made good time and pounded about 90 posts in a day.

Here it is in action.

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  1. That’s pretty cool. I remember when I was little my dad putting in posts and fencing for 20 acres by hand. That certainly makes it easier!

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